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World Cup 2011

This year, the Women’s World Cup was held in Germany. Besides watching some games in Biergartens, Phil and attended a couple of games in Augsburg. I also followed Team USA to watch the semifinal and the final.

Phil and Peggy at the Japan - England game in Augsburg

Unfortunately, the USA lost to Sweden in the group stage and didn’t play in Augsburg, like I’d hoped. So, we got to see England beat Japan in the group stage and Australia vs. Sweden in the quarter finals. Sweden beat Australia before losing to Japan.

I also got to see the USA beat France in the semifinal in Mönchengladbach. Thanks to a friend, I was also in Frankfurt for the final, USA vs. Japan on Sunday July 17th. Unfortunately, the USA lost in penalties. Congratulations Japan. Go USA!

Peggy after the USA beat France in the semifinals

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Royalty Check

I got my first (and only?) royalty check for my book.

For those of you now asking yourselves, “What book?” here once again is the link to the publisher.

“Catalytic and Mechanistic Studies on the Influence of Light Irradiation of Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions” (

I doubt any more checks will be coming my way. I guess I’ll just have to write another book. 😉