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European Family Vacation 2011

In May, my parents (Dick and Annie), Great Uncle Paul, his girlfriend Helen, and my brother Art came to visit me in Munich.

Dad (Dick), Paul, and Helen on the Prater Ferris Wheel

After spending a few days in Munich, we traveled to Prague, where we met my sister Sue and her friend Theresa, Trencin, Bratislava, where Sue and Theresa parted from us, and Vienna before returning to Munich.

Dad (Dick), Sue, Theresa, and Art at Trencin Castle

I’ll be posting pictures from the trip soon.

Mom (Annie) and Paul at the Frühlingsfest in Munich

So, keep a look out for the link (to the right).



I’m the proud owner of a new house! I built it myself, brick by brick.

It even has a basketball hoop!

Now, all I need is a car for the garage!

The kit also allows me to make 2 other houses, which I’ll have to make at some point.