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For Easter, Phil and I went to Riga, Latvia.

I took almost a thousand photos. I’ve selected some of the best to share with you (about a tenth of the photos), so click on the Riga link on the right and be transported to a former USSR state.


The Artist

Peggy the artist has once again made an appearance. I think Uncle Joe would proud of me for painting even though I have no talent. He always encouraged me to draw and paint despite this.

Like anything that’s taken hours to complete, I’m proud. Therefore, I’m sharing my painting with you all. (Even it looks like something a 10 year old would do.)

It’s titled “A Summer Afternoon in the Englischer Garten.” It’s a play on one of my absolute favorite paintings, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island” by Seurat at the Art Institute in Chicago. Both Seurat’s masterpiece and my “unmasterpiece” are forms of pointillism; however, mine does not take up an entire wall. The painting is my interpretation of the view from the Monopterus.