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Today I felt like a high school senior again. I went to a photo studio to get head shots done for my German resume. Just like in high school, I got one change of outfits, too. Unlike in high school, I got a CD with all of the photos on it.

I'd hire me. Wouldn't you?

My non-German friends are thinking, “Photos? For your resume?” Yes. In Germany it’s standard that you put a photo on your resume. Moreover, you also have to put your birth date and marital status on your resume! I know what you’re thinking, “archaic, discrimination, just plain wrong.” I don’t disagree, but when in Rome…


Super Bowl XLV

Lombardi is coming home!

The Green Bay Packers, my team, won Super Bowl XLV this year.They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 25 – 31.

Go Pack go!

I, of course, was dressed for the occasion.

Peggy in her Cheesehead and Driver jersey

I also baked a cake to celebrate.

Green Bay Packers Cake

Not only did it have green and gold frosting, but the cake was also green and gold marbled.

Mmmm... Packers Cake...

Where I am from, we bleed green and gold. The Packers aren’t just a team; they’re a religion.