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English Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The presents under the tree on Christmas Day

Phil and I were in England for Christmas. We had a white Christmas!! This is the first white Christmas here since Phil was a baby.

The Weston-on-the-Green duck pond

Due to all of the snow and cold, Norman has to break a hole in the pond’s ice every morning so the village ducks can have a place to swim and drink. Despite the cold, some of the ducks brave the water for a dip.

The garden

After my recent time in Wisconsin with temperatures below zero in Fahrenheit, I find it humorous to hear the Brits complain about the cold and snow.

North Lane in the snow

On the other hand, the lane hasn’t been and won’t be plowed (tire tracks have made a path in the snow). They just wait for it to melt, so it is a bit more of an inconvenience.

There are these and a few other photos in the “England” link.



I had the pleasure of spending almost a month in Wisconsin this November/December.

Peggy at the Packers vs. 49ers game

Although I didn’t take any photos, I visited a lot of loved ones, some of whom did take pictures.  Check out the “USA 2010” link for the photos.