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Heidelberg Castle View Old Town 01

The old town of Heidelberg as seen from the Castle

This past weekend, I rode the rails again for the first time in a long (too long) time. Since Phil is now off working in Antwerp (Belgium), we decided to meet up in my old haunt, Heidelberg.

We stayed in a hotel directly at the foot of the old bridge. Our room had a beautiful view of the river and the bridge. We were in the heart of the city for St. Valentine’s Day, and more importantly, for Phil’s birthday.

I hadn’t been back to Heidelberg in almost 10 years, so I was able to see Heidelberg again with fresh eyes. I had either forgotten or taken for granted just how beautiful Heidelberg is. Phil and I wandered the pedestrian zone and hiked up to the castle.  We went to what used to be my hangout, an Irish pub that’s still a pub, but no longer (officially) Irish, even though I think it’s still the same waitress, an Irish woman. There, we watch 6 Nations Rugby (I could comment on the fact that it really should be 4 nations, but I’ll refrain for Phil’s sake) and drank Guiness. We both had a wonderful time.

The weekend reawakened my memories of my semester in Heidelberg in the winter of 1998-9 and gave me new, wonderful memories.


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